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The HOTTEST fitness studio for women, located 7200 at Biscayne Blvd in the upper Eastside, is not your everyday-typical gym. IronFlower has it all! Utilizing the most effective approach for today’s woman, IronFlower offers a full gym with amazing personal trainers as well as possibly the widest range of fitness classes on any schedule.  Their mantra is Fitness with Fun and boy do they have some fun fitness going on! There is sure to be something to motivate, excite and inspire you… Zumba, Spinning, Ballet Barre Burn, Yoga, Booty Bounce, Chair Dance and Boot Camp are just a few of the classes they offer. Try one or try them all, their staff and exciting classes have been designed to make sure YOU meet YOUR fitness goals, while forgetting how hard you are working to attain them.

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